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Vigneshwara Exports is one of oldest pickle plant located at Tirunelvell, which is 45km form Tuticorin port in the strategic southern tip of peninsular India and our corporate office is in Bangalore Vigneshwar Exports is an export company recognized by the Government of India. With its backward integration strategies and 100% export oriented unit status, VIG today proudly marches ahead as the pioneer and leading grower, processor and exporter of the quality agro based products, particularly pickled Gherkins, Onions, Okra, Baby Corn, Jalapenos in India.
Vigneshwar Exports specializes in providing high quality processed vegetables and pickles. All pickels are processed in natural vinegar/acetic acid/ brine at our world class vegetable processing plant located at Tirunelvelli, Tamil Nadu with a capacity of processing 75 tons vegetables on high speed line. The factory is spread over 8 acres and has fully automated production line. Packing is generally done in 220/240/260 litter HDPE barrels. The processes and the final product comply with the norms set by US FDA and FPO-Govt. of India.


VIGNESHWAR EXPORTS, Has been in the business of gherkins / pickled cucumbers supplying Gherkins are preserved in Natural Vinegar / Salted Brine / Acetic Acid in drums and has a track - record for consistenlty delivering / shipping a very high quality Gherkins products on time to customers around the world including USA, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Greece, Australia, Japan etc.

Generic Chemical Specs:

Acidified Product
Acid:3.0 to 3.5%
Salt:4.0 to 4.5%
SO2: 100 ppm & more
Ca++ : 2000 ppm & more
Salt Brine Product
Lactic Acid : More then 0.6%
Salt: 13 to 14%
Ca++ :2000 ppm & more
pH : Less then 3.5

Gherkins Grade / Size

Count per KG : 300+, 150/300, 120/160, 100/120, 80/100, 60/80, 30/60, 20/30, 10/20, 5/10 & 0/5
Count By Dia : 9-12cm 6 9cm 3 6cm 1 4cm 0 2cm
Equal to Lebgth: 95 - 125mm 65 - 95mm 35 - 65mm 25 - 50mm 10 - 40mm

Drums - Each Drum has 190 kilos as net drained weight, 80 unpalletized drums are stuffed in a 20 feet container.

+91- 4634- 274965 / +91- 8438- 473827 info@vigexp.com vigexp@gmail.com


Identity who we are
Vigneshwar Exports is a global food company with a worldwide presence and caters to a clientele that consists of large multinational food companies which includes processed and pickled food vendors and wholesalers. We are a company recognized by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India as a 100% export oriented unit. Our team consists of a group of highly committed agriculturists,business professionalsand industry veterans, working towards the common goal of providing the very bestproduct - in terms of quality and value - to our clients.

What we do
Vigneshwar Exports is engaged in the growing, processing, distribution and wholesale selling of Pickled Gherkins, Onions, Okra, Baby Corn, Jalapenosand several other vegetables.Vigneshwar Exports leverages full backward integration to ensure a steady supply of high quality raw materials to ensure customer commitments are met in a timely and cost contained manner.

Affiliations and Endorsements
Vigneshwar Exports is committed to provide the highest level of quality across its products and services to its customers. Vigneshwar Exports adopts industry best practices in all its business processes and has affiliations, endorsements and certification including Star-K kosher, HACCP from SGS, US FDA, FPO-Govt. of India. Scale of operations Vigneshwar Exports supplies around 1500 containers of a variety of processed agricultural items to its global clients annually. This is made possible by our extended family of nearly 4,000 farmers in 200 villages spread across 20 fertile pockets in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka who supply fresh greens to Vigneshwar processing units throughout the year. Vigneshwar Exportssystematically carries out daily monitoring, harvesting of produce complying with industry best practices to ensure high standards throughout the whole process. Vigneshwar Exportshas in place, state-of-the-at post-harvest handling systems to ensure effective handling of the produce to ensure freshness, color and quality.


Gherkins in Barrel


Baby Dill


+91- 4634- 274965 / +91- 8438- 473827 info@vigexp.com vigexp@gmail.com


VIG is committed to the operations and maintenance of an efficient quality system planned and developed in conjunction with all management functions Company strives to produce the safest and best quality products. VIG committed to the developed manufacture, distribution and sales pickles products. Vig guarantees that the management and all the staff are fully aware of the company's quality to food safety objectives and that is achieved and maintained through ongoing training and development. VIG encourages all staff to contribute in maintaining a successful quality system.

+91- 4634- 274965 / +91- 8438- 473827 info@vigexp.com/ vigexp@gmail.com




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info@vigexp.com / vigexp@gmail.com


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+91- 4634- 274965 / +91- 8438- 473827 info@vigexp.com/ vigexp@gmail.com